Exhibition History

2012-    Wollombi Emerging Artist The Fire Shed Gallery

2012-     Reg Russom. Front Room Gallery

2012-    Workshop Week Exhibition. Front Room Gallery

2012-     Limes and Olives. Newcastle Art Space

2012-     Newcastle Emerging Art Prize. Newcastle Art Space

2012-     Procession. Front Room Gallery

2011-     Proof. Front Room Gallery

2011-      Reg Russom. Front Room Gallery

2011-     Layers. Front Room Gallery

2011-     The Donkey Show. Front Room Gallery

2011-     Object d’Art. Greenway Galllery

2011-     Small Works. Greenway Gallery

2011- Abstraction, Front Room Gallery

2010- 1rst year Exhibition, Front Room Gallery

2010-    Raymond Terrace Art Show, Hunter River High School Hall

2009-     Reg Russom, Front Room Gallery

2006-    Cert 4 Exhibition, Front Room Gallery

2005-     Grafton Arts Festival, Grafton High School

2003–     Italian Experience, Suiters Architects

Artistic Awards and Achievements 

2012- Commission for Public Works

2012- Encouragement award for  The Lord Mayor’s Scholorship

2011-     Finalist in the Carol Duval Memorial Art Award in Painting2009-     Recommendation Award in the Reg Russom Art Prize

2005-     Completed a ‘on en Air’ oil painting course at the Grafton Art Festival instructed by Fu Hong

2002- First prize Intermediate Section (14-17 years) of Mattara Festival

2001-     First prize Junior Section (6-13 years) of Mattara Festival

1994-2005- Received several awards for excellence in visual arts, theatre arts and drama throughout primary and high school.


2012                       Advanced Diploma of Fine Arts

2011- 2009           Diploma of Fine Arts

2006                       Certificate III of Fine Arts

2005- 2000           Hunter School of the Performing Arts

1999- 1994           Black Hill Public School


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